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Use Sign Here to collect handwritten signatures, Save and Print Events attendances report locally and in the Cloud.

Sign Here was created to solve the problem of tracking and keeping attendance for events where peoples signatures are required. This eliminates the need for tracking and keeping paper copies because now you can save them electronically in PDF format (other formats will come soon).

The Event report will provide a PDF report with the actual handwritten signatures than can be shared or printed to your Google Cloud Print.

Sign Here logo

User scenarios:
1. Business meetings attendance.
2. Training sessions attendance.
3. School student attendance.
4. Corporate governance and compliance sign up sheets.
5. Sports Game Card tracking.

Dependencies: Samsung SPen App, PDF Viewer App (Ex. Quickoffice). The Internet is optional to save a report to the cloud.

Release notes :

Version 1.6:
* Fixed attendance PDF reports signatures alignment when having more than 24 attendees.
* Improve usability with events list by changing sorting to display the newest events first.
* Improve usability of Sign-In screen by changing the list sorting and making the unsigned records to display at the top, making it easier to find.

Version 1.5:

* English, Spanish and Korean languages are supported.
* The Event Report no longer has a temporary license message on PDF report.
* About information is now available online at
* Tutorial videos added online.


1. If you encountered an issue when attendee clicks on Sign Here to add his signature, the user may receive a pop-up error.
Please update the version of the SPen SDK installed on your phone to the latest version 3.0.9 or higher.  Then restart the Sign Here application after upgrading Spen SDK.

Upcoming Features:

1. Support to Chinese (Manadarin) language.

2. Option to eliminate the Ads after paying a small fee for the Sign Here App.

Please leave comments and suggestions for Sign Here Attendance App.